How to Set Up a Trailing Stop in Forex Trading

The main purpose of a trailing stop is to increase the locking of profits as the market moves, without requiring you to intervene or make any adjustments. The Trailing Stop feature allows you to follow trends based on your comfort level. You don't have to constantly monitor the operation. A trailing stop is a special type of trading order that moves in relation to price fluctuations.When the price increases, it carries with it the trailing stop.

Then, when the price finally stops rising, the new stop-loss price remains at the level it crawled to, which automatically protects the investor from declines and, at the same time, secures profits as the price reaches new highs. Trailing stops can be used on stock, options and futures exchanges that support traditional stop-loss orders.Once the previous actions have been carried out, upon receiving new quotes, the terminal checks if the open position is profitable. As soon as the profit in points is equal to or greater than the specified level, the command to place the Stop Loss order will be automatically issued. The order level is set at the specified distance from the current price.

In addition, if the price changes in the most profitable direction, the trailing stop loss level will automatically follow the price, but if the profitability of the position decreases, the order will no longer change.Therefore, the profit from the trading position is fixed automatically. After each automatic modification of the Stop Loss order, a record will be made in the terminal diary. A trailing stop-loss order is a market order that instructs your broker to close the trade once the price reaches the specified level. However, a pending stop-limit order requires your broker to close its position at a fixed price or better.

A trailing stop-loss order ensures that you get the price you requested or better, unlike a trailing stop-loss order which could be executed at a worse price than you wanted.This tight stop isn't ideal, but it's usually traders who will set a stop five pips below their current trading price. Usually, a trailing stop loss is set at a fixed distance from the current market price and moves in line with the price. The trailing stop-limit order works by moving continuously in line with the price if it goes in your chosen direction.From these charts, it's clear that a longer trailing stop-loss distance could have kept you in the trade longer than smaller ATR multiples. Similarly, it's advisable to control a trailing stop when you see momentum peaking on charts, especially when stock reaches a new high.

Another way to determine your trailing stop-loss distance is to use average stock volatility as a guide. A good lagging stop-loss percentage to use in this strategy is 15% or 20%, which works most of time in case of stocks. As stock prices rise, your trailing limit will exceed fixed loss limit making it redundant or obsolete.Most traders use 3 ATR values as preferred trailing limit since they give trades enough distance to run. The fact that a trailing stop-loss order moves when price moves in your favor and remains fixed when price reverses virtually eliminates risk that profitable trade will turn into losing one.

In addition, in case of downward stop there's possibility of setting it too tight during early stages of getting its support from stock.How you set stops always depends on your actual method of trading currencies, but it's good to be careful about placing them too close to moving price. Exinity Limited is a member of Financial Commission, an international organization dedicated to resolution of disputes within financial services industry in foreign exchange market.The foreign exchange market is usually quite hectic meaning currency pairs can rise and fall before moving in their final direction. In this trade, a trailing stop-loss distance of 3.5 ATR values would have kept him in trade for much longer allowing him to get maximum benefits from trade. You can automate your trailing stop-loss orders and limit orders by using expert advisors created to track changes in ATR, MA and any other indicator you choose.

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