What is Leverage in Forex Trading and How Does it Work?

Leverage is a tool used by traders to control a large amount of capital by investing a much smaller amount. It involves borrowing money from a broker to invest in a currency, stock or security. In the foreign exchange market, money is usually borrowed from a broker to meet an initial margin requirement. Leverage allows traders to gain greater exposure to the market than the amount they deposited to open the trade.The size of Forex leverage usually exceeds the capital invested by several times.

Leverage is the ratio between the trader's funds and the size of the broker's credit. A currency leverage calculator helps traders to determine how much capital they need to open a new position, as well as to manage their trades.Having an effective risk management strategy is essential for using leverage in the foreign exchange market. A trade with high leverage can quickly exhaust your trading account if it goes against you, as you will accumulate greater losses due to the larger lot size. Therefore, using orders as part of a comprehensive risk management plan is crucial when using leverage.The foreign exchange market offers some of the lowest margin rates (and, therefore, the highest leverage ratios) compared to other leveraged assets, making it an attractive proposition for currency traders who like to trade with leverage.

The MT 4 currency trading platform is one of the most downloaded platforms and is available for PC, iOS, Mac OS and Android.So, while leverage can increase potential profits, it also has the ability to increase potential losses, so you should carefully choose the amount of leverage in your trading account. Investors with small capital prefer to trade on margin (or with leverage), since their deposit is not enough to open enough trading positions.

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